The recruitment examinations of Trained Graduate Teachers (TGT) and Post Graduate Teachers (PGT/lecturer)-2021 to be held next month are to witness tough competition for each vacant post on offer. The TGT exams will be held on August 7 and 8 while the PGT exams are scheduled for August 17 and 18.  

 According to Uttar Pradesh Secondary Education Service Selection Board (UPSESSB), Prayagraj, a record 45,647 applications have been received for 90 posts of lecturer (history) on offer, amounting to an average of 507 candidates competing for each post. Similarly, 16,848 applications have been received for 30 posts of lecturer (education). It means about 561 candidates would be competing for each post.   

“Detailed instructions have been sent to all the district magistrates and district police chiefs besides other officials through a missive sent on July 25 regarding preparations and arrangements to be made for the recruitment exams,” said Naval Kishore, exam controller, Board (UPSESSB), Prayagraj.  

Officials said that the 13 posts of PGT home science had received 13,175 applications (1013 for each post). PGT maths’ 99 posts had got 29,759 applications (301 for one post); PGT sociology’s 78 posts got 37,359 (479 for one post) and PGT agriculture’s 38 posts had attracted 9,176 applications (241 for each post), they said.  

As per the TGT posts on offer subject-wise, the commerce which has 135 posts on offer has attracted 25,357 applications with an average of 188 for each post. Biology which has 735 seats on offer has attracted 75,026 applications (102 applications for each post).  

The posts of TGT social science too have attracted 1,14,764 applications for 1578 vacant posts (73 candidates vying for one post). 

Likewise, for 898 posts of TGT science subject, there are 38,881applications (43 for each post), 1956 posts of TGT Hindi have attracted 93,994 applications (48 for each post), 813 posts of TGT Arts have got 78,689 applications (97 for each post), TGT physical education’s 545 posts have attracted 35,592 applications (65 for one post) and TGT music vocals’ 60 posts have got 4089 applications (68 per post).  

On the whole, the TGT posts of 16 subjects had attracted a total of 7, 10,854 applications while for PGT’s 23 subjects, the UPSESSB had received a total of 4, 73,401 applications, the officials said. 

For the 15,198 posts of TGT and PGT on offer, including 12,603 posts of TGT and 2,595 posts of PGT, a total of around 11.84 lakh candidates have applied, they added.  

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