1. Indian Foreign Services

IFS officers are selected through the Civil Services Exam conducted by Union Public Service Commission
These ambassadors or diplomats represent their country in the foreign countries. IFS officers spend more than 2/3 of their career in foreign countries, with a maximum period of 3 years in a country. Along with the salary, bonuses and perks of A grade employees, they get an additional foreign quota calculated on the Cost Of Living Index issued by the United Nations between $3500 – $5000.
Bonuses and perks – 🔥🔥
1.An official Luxury Car
2.A good starting salary of between $4000 -$5500 like a jackpot.
3.Free education for your children in international schools and colleges.
4.You get wonderful living quarters in the world’s best cities.
5.Free medical care throughout your career.
6.A Housemaid
7.Free of cost air tickets to travel to india.

2. IAS Officer

IAS Officer is a very prestigious and one of the most respected government jobs in India and is also rated as an A Grade government job, And it is also known as the King of District. These officers are selected through the upsc exam. IAS officer maintains the law and order, administrates revenue ,etc . Being an IAS provides a very high level of job security and respect in the district. An IAS officer gets an awesome big bungalow at a very minimal rent, cook, gardener and servant.
Bonuses and Perks – 🔥🔥
1. A good starting salary of Rs.50,000 to Rs.2,00,000.
2. An official car + driver.
3. High level of security.
4. Subsidized electricity price.
5. Ease of life by the providing of a cook, gardener and servant.


3. IPS Officer

An IPS Officer is selected through the UPSC Exam. An IPS Officer is the most prestigious post in civil service posts and gets a starting salary Rs.50,000. An IPS officer is considered as the senior of a police officer. It is a highly respected and prestigious post in the security system of India. You get respect from the general population which is more important for a person than money.
The ministry of home affairs is authorized and responsible to control the body of IPS officers.
Bonuses and Perks – 🔥🔥
1. A good starting salary of Rs.50,000 to Rs.2,00,000.
2. An awesome living house at a very minimal rate
3. High Level of security, Security guards and An official car + driver.
4. Free of cost electricity, mobile and telephone bill.


4. IES(Indian Engineering Service)

Like usual, An IES Officer is selected through the UPSC Exam. IES officers get power in the technical field. In the beginning of the career, IES officers generally get a technical role, And later on become the head in technical department. In this job, we have to become more managerial and less technical because you are a head. There are various types of departments in India for IES officers like Railways, Defense, Telecom ,etc.
Bonuses and Perks – 🔥🔥
1.A very good salary above Rs.50,000 – Rs.90,000.
2.All India travel pass.
3.Free of cost electricity as well as telephone bill.
4.An Official car + driver.
5.City compensatory allowance for ease.
6. Medical services.


5. PSU Officers / Public Sector Undertaking Officer

PSU officers have to work in a company, But there is a good environment for working than all other companies.
There are many companies for PSU officers such as BHEL, SAIL, IOCL, ONGC, NTPC, Coal India, BSNL, BPCL, etc.
Most of PSUs selects candidate base on GATE – Graduate Aptitude Test in Engineering score. So the candidate has to crack GATE examination with a good and high score. All PSU companies are divided into different groups like Navaratna, Maharatna ,Miniratna, etc. PSUs provide mobile and laptops for their employees every 2-3 years. So you have ease in your job.
Bonuses and Perks – 🔥🔥
1. A very good and a very high salary of Rs.1,00,000 – Rs.1,80,000.
2. Wonderful accommodation.
3. Very high security.
4. Free of cost medical service.
5.Excellent facilities of canteen for breakfast, lunch, dinner, and many more.
6.Shift allowance which increases the salary up to Rs.3000 – Rs.4000.

ISRO scientist

6. Scientists in ISRO/DRDO

Scientists should at least have an engineering degree with above 60% marks to join in ISRO/DRDO.
Scientists working in ISRO and DRDO for the growth and development of India have huge respect in the society. ISRO is really one of the best space agency in the world. There are many facilities for scientists of ISRO. There is mostly technical work in this field such as operational work, designing and testing. 
Bonuses and Perks – 🔥🔥
1. A good and spacious environment to work with the team.
2.A very good and a very high salary of Rs.56,000 – Rs.1,77,500.
3. Low cost canteen.
4. A Pension scheme.
5. An Allowance for the Education for the children.
6. Transport allowance of up-to Rs.7500
7. Free Medical Service


7. SSC CGL Officer

It’s a responsible as well as a very important job, Some SSC CGL officers have direct contact with the ministers.
There are many posts in SSC CGL -Income Tax Inspector(ITI), Central Excise Inspector,  Assistant Auditing officer(AAO), Assistant Section Officer, Preventive CBEC Officer….
Bonuses and Perks – 🔥🔥
1. An SSC CGL officer gets an extra allocation or allowance for medical & traveling.
2. They have less workload and less stress.
3. SSC CGL officer gets a very good salary and on time of about Rs.45,000 – Rs.1,50,000
5. Free mobile as well as telephone bill.
6. They have a very good status, respect and also social power.

8. Professor at Government Colleges

A Professor is selected through the the NET (National Eligibility Test)/SET(State Eligibility Test) examination.
The Professors have to teach college students, Research, etc. As a professor, you can research in depth of your specialized subject, write a book/ebook and many more. You should be a a very good career adviser and have very good communication skills because you have to deal with students, other professors, teachers, etc.
Bonuses and Perks – 🔥🔥
1.Rs.40,000 to Rs.1,00,000 salary at entry level.
2.High job security for professors in government colleges.
3.Good working environment.

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