The national medical entrance exam, NEET 2021, will be held in a new format this year. The exam will be held on September 12 and the National Testing Agency (NTA) will conduct the exam. This year, changes have been made to the existing pattern of the NEET in order to bring uniformity in the exam structure and the current syllabus of class 12 students which has been reduced to compensate for the academic loss of students during the pandemic as schools could not reopen and learning had to be imparted online.

NEET 2021: New exam pattern explained

The NEET question paper would comprise two sections: Section A and Section B

Section A of the NEET question paper would have 35 questions and each question will carry 4 marks.

Section B of the NEET question paper would have 15 questions and candidates can attempt any 10 of those. Each question will carry a total of 4 marks.

So, in section B of each subject candidates will be given 5 additional questions to choose from and answer.

This is very much similar to the board exam question papers where internal choices are provided in each mark category.

There will be negative marking of 1 mark for incorrect answer.

The exam will be held in 11 regional languages, English and Hindi. Candidates who opt for regional language will be given a bilingual question booklet selected regional language and English.

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