Job for Fresher: – This is the stage of life where we are nervous about everything related to the job from preparing an appealing CV to clearing all the interview rounds and finally securing for job.

If you are a student of any professional degree having the privilege of campus selection to get a job you are in a more advantageous situation than one without any such support system like any undergraduate or a graduate with diploma or degree or vocational certificate with no such campus selection support .

So any of you who were not lucky enough to get campus or didn’t have the privilege of any such support system to get a job , do not be disheartened the world doesn’t end here and without wasting any time just follow the below steps :-

Do not waste time and don’t let there be a break of 6 months more.

  • Immediately start looking for opportunities as an intern among the best possible options available
  • Enroll yourself in any certification or allied or complementing courses related to your degree.
  • Work on any weaknesses or lack of in-depth knowledge which you had left during the course of your degree.
  • Network with your friends to see if they can refer you in their company as companies have referral programs to recruit people

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