The paper was of easy to moderate level. A few good questions were sprinkled here and there in the three subjects. A majority opinion was of the view that Physics part was the easiest. Whereas Chemistry was of easy to moderate levels, Mathematics was moderate because of some lengthy calculations involved.

A subject wise analysis in details is given below:

Physics: Questions was set from covering all the topics. Students were tested on the simple level of applicability of concepts. Numerical were more in numbers than to theoretical questions. Four to five questions from modern Physics, 6 to 7 questions from mechanics and two questions from communications made the bulk of Physics paper besides questions from Thermodynamics, Electrostatics, Optics and other chapters. Those students who have thoroughly covered the course of 11 and 12 along with sufficient problem solving through similar type of practice tests will score nicely in this paper.

Chemistry: Chemistry part was on predicted lines. Eight of the numerical value questions was from Physical Chemistry with two from Inorganic Chemistry. All the questions from Organic Chemistry were asked in MCQ form. There were almost equal number of questions from Physical, Inorganic and Organic branches of Chemistry and the whole paper was NCERT based. Chemistry in everyday life, GOC, Aldehydes and Ketones and Biomolecules are the chapters from which significant number of questions were asked.

Thorough study of NCERT books, solving NCERT exemplar and practicing through mock tests holds the key for success in this paper.

Mathematics: Predictably, Mathematics part was a bit lengthy thus making it moderately difficult. 5 to 6 questions from Calculus were the main stay of the paper. There were not less than 5 questions from Algebra, 4 questions from Coordinate Geometry and 2 or 3 questions from Trigonometry. Chapters like Vectors, 3D Geometry and Probability too found represented in this paper. Practicing a lot of mock tests would be a good strategy in this paper.

Overall, it was a typical JEE (Main) paper of moderate difficulty level which can be solved comfortably in the stipulated time. The order of difficulty in different subjects by a large section of aspirants is Mathematics; Chemistry; Physics.

(Author Ajay Kumar Sharma is National Academic Director (Engineering), Aakash Educational Services Limited (AESL). Views expressed here are personal.)

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