Covid Pandemic


Covid has left many without a job, many fired and many not hired because of Covid, according to one survey the number could be around 10 crores plus worldwide. Coping up in these unprecedented times is like getting caught in a storm about which we have absolutely no idea. The anxiety and stress are sure to impact positivity, our productivity and most of all get in the way of your motivation. Financial worry, health issues and family problems are just some of the things that can make you demotivated and the pressure of being jobless might not helping one bit. So how do you set your mind to face on the challenges that life has to offer? Here are some tips that can help you ride the tide.

How to Win in Pandemic 2


Pray , seek enlightenment,  calm yourself , feel the assurance of having called to the Almighty for addressing your concerns and you will feel relieved, connected , and not being alone. This will help you in dealing with all the inner fears you have and fill you with all positive energy to survive and thrive.


The people around you , the motivators, the supporters, the people who imbibe and infuse positive energy in you , the ones who never judge you or the ones who lend their shoulder and with whom you are not afraid or ashamed to speak your heart out or feel shy shedding a tear or two because eventually the pat on your shoulder , the assurance and warmth of the rub on your back or the one’s whose eyes flow along with tears with you, the one’s who offer practical help, are the ones , you need to be with now. The rise of the “Phoenix will need the company of such and such.


So now, when, you are brimming with all the support in the world, you are experiencing inner strength and peace, and have accepted the challenge life has thrown at you , believe me , you would not be stuck in your head but would  trample all the worries that were stopping you to face and accept the challenge and move ahead. The discovery of this moment alone, stops the negative thoughts and you start thinking in the positive direction and our mind starts offering you all the options in the world. The fear of doing something new, has just disappeared and you want to explore and experiment all that is possible without being deterred about the consequences, remember you are the “The Phoenix”, you will rise from the ashes.


Having found yourself again, the control to your emotions and your mind is once again you can use to have a positive mindset. This mindset can do wonders for you, it will make you a determined and focused individual, it will help you set your goals and priorities, it will help you see clear and far. From here on, you need to just set your short term and long term goals and list all the prerequisites and resources required for achieving it. The short term goals could be 3 month to 6 month goals and long term could be 1 year to 3 years to 5 year goals.


We all know the famous quote “A healthy body leads to a healthy mind”. So now you all know what I am talking about, respect your body, heal your body and strengthen your body. Do things that will help your body of any diseases or ailments, run, jog, hit the gym, do swimming, play any sport , dance , yoga , meditation, anything that will lead to a healthy body, which will lead to a healthy mind.

So to conclude, let me assure you , when the synergy of the soul , mind and body is achieved , there is nothing that you can’t conquer , as no conqueror achieved anything without conquering the soul, mind and body,  and the rest follows.