Andhra Pradesh Chief Minister YS Jagan Mohan Reddy on Wednesday held a review meeting on Nadu Nedu and Vidya Kanuka Scheme and discussed the steps to be taken for implementation of the new education policy with an aim to provide quality education, teaching and infrastructure.

During a review meeting, the Chief Minister said the new educational policy will benefit teachers as well as students. “The expertise of teachers should be used for providing better education to the students,” he said.

The officials informed the Chief Minister that it is estimated that at least 21,654 new classrooms need to be constructed, which is in addition to Phase-1 and Phase-2 of Nadu Nedu works.

The officers were directed to continue the Nadu-Nedu work as usual and complete the work as per the schedule.

“There should be no disruption for Nadu Nedu works due to the construction of additional classrooms. Teachers should be available as per the student-teacher ratio. No school should be closed and no teacher should be laid off,” said Chief Minister.

In the wake of the decision to start schools after August 15, the Chief Minister directed that an action plan be drawn up to vaccinate teachers by August 15.

“Workbook activities will be conducted for the students from July 15 to August 15. Teachers will correct those workbooks and give appropriate instructions for the children in those books,” he said.

The Chief Minister has inspected the Oxford English to English-Telugu dictionary, which will be provided to the students under the Vidya Kanuka Scheme and said to check if all the textbooks, bags, uniforms, notebooks, shoes and belts provided under the Vidya Kanuka Scheme are ready for distribution and added be prepared for the implementation of Vidya Kakuka scheme in August.

The state government also devised a methodology for the assessment of marks for the Intermediate second year.

The state board will consider 30 percent marks obtained in the top three subjects of class 10, then 70 percent of subject-wise marks in the intermediate first year. The marks for practical exams will be awarded as per the results as tests were already completed.

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