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Are you int­erested in a trade that offers varied career opport­unities, both on a domestic level and internati­onally?

Aircraft main­ten­ance eng­ineering offers many job opport­unities all across the country as well as abroad. Graduates from Technical Col­lege Reykjavík have gone on to work for Icelandair, the Icelandic coast guard and Air Atlanta, among others. The field offers many opport­unities for cont­inuing education and exp­anding your know­ledge.

All the courses are taught in Ice­land but the course language is English. Stu­dents are divided into classes and the study programme cons­ists of three phases: aca­demic courses, practical courses and an internship. After completing their courses in school, stu­dents complete a payed app­renticeship.

Classes start in the fall and only 25 stu­dents are admitted per year.

General information

Admission requirements

The programme is only open for adm­issions in the fall semester, from mid March each year and usually until end of May. For the 2021 fall semester, the program will be open for admissions until the end of July 2021.

You need to be at least 18 years old and have good English skills, both verbal and written, as well as fair physics and math skills. This means having done two courses in English and math and one course in physics or natural sciences on upper secondary school level or having the equi­valent skills.

You need to have a clean crim­inal record to comply with background check provisions in reg­ulations reg­ar­ding access to airports.

After graduation

The study programme gives you full B1.1 qualifications (2400 hrs.) for a jour­neym­an’s exam­ination in aircraft main­ten­ance eng­ineering, including licence to maintain aeroplanes with tur­bine eng­ines.

Technical Col­lege Reykjavík colla­borates with Resource Group – Aviation Technical Training Division,  this study programme in accor­d­ance with EASA Part-66 stand­ards.

Only one group of stu­dents is admitted per year and the courses start in the beg­inning of Sept­ember.

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